Whenever you see success, behind the scenes there is leadership and it begins in early childhood based on principles and values.

Fundación Trascender was organized around the year 2000 in Cali, Colombia as a not-for-profit organization focused on early childhood education and development to the underserved and underprivileged children in our society. It’s considered an Open Foundation which allows anybody to become part of this project through different modalities.

Affiliated Member

These are benefactors and companies that support the Foundation with an annual contribution and have been accepted by the Board of Directors. They are an integral part of the organization with voice and vote and can be elected as members of the board of Directors.

Honorary Member

These are benefactors that have contributed to the development of the Foundation. They are named by the Board of Directors and can participate in the general assembly and voice their views on the course of the Foundation.


These are individuals that support the workshops and programs through donations or by bringing their specific talents and skills to the benefit of the programs. They can voice their views in the general assembly.


To promote an approach of integral leadership, offering an alternative to our most vulnerable children by cementing principles and values in early infancy.

Our Vision

To contribute a growing number of valuable leaders to our society.

Our Values

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the most vulnerable members of our society: our children.  
  • To consistently innovate teaching strategies for the emotional, psychological, and social well being of our children.
  • To create and support an integrated framework where family and teachers are instrumental in developing core values.



Nombre Profesión Ejerce Cargo Junta Directiva
José Manuel Londoño Ingeniero Industrial Ex Gerente General INVAL SA Presidente
Gloria L. Cruz *  Comercio International Gerente General LOGISTICA BELMAR Secretaria
Adriana Osorio Parra Economista Asesora de carrera Universidad Icesi Tesorera
Eduardo Fernández de Soto Abogado Top management/ director y socio Vocal Principal
María Isabel Quintero Ingeniera Química Jefe de sistemas de Gestión/Quimpac S.A Vocal Principal
Germán Ardila Duarte* X Administrador de Empresas Gerente General Eventos Tarragona S.A.S Suplente presidente
Orfidia Velasco de Morana* X Abogada Independiente Suplente Secretaria
Eduardo García Gómez* X Ingeniero Químico Ex gerente general Sucroal Suplente Tesorero
Ramiro Javier Alvaré Ingeniero Mecánico Directivo Ingenio Mayagüez Suplente vocal
Juan Alberto Arango Odontólogo/Ortodoncista Independiente Suplente Vocal

Honorary Members

Nombre Profesión Ejerce
Jaime Darío Colmenares* Ingeniero Químico Ex gerente general de Sucromiles
Francisco Javier Mejía Pardo Abogado Miembro Honorario